Parvatajan : The essence of Himalayas

We, at Parvatajan are committed to present our traditional art with an edgy modern touch to our customers. As an organization we support a bank of artist who are determined to present and promote the cultural heritage to our future generations. All of our products are handcrafted with love for the people who want to flaunt and promote their roots with our finely crafted exquisite products and designs.



All the products are designed by our experienced artists and are completed to perfection to provide that Himalayan experience at your doorstep.


An opulent add to your classy and sophisticated collection, the products reflects your inner authentic Himalayan vibes.


Our aipan designed products are literally the art you can wear and express the echo of your pahadi soul.


Preserve your culture, promote the art passed on from generations to generations and be proud about it Share your love for us on social media @parvatajan and @parvatajanarts